Security Services

Secure what matters most – identities, applications, and data

Cloud security is not only achievable, it is an opportunity to drive the business, improve defenses and reduce risk. When your business transforms security practices that are manual, static and reactive into a more standardized, automated and elastic approach, you'll stay ahead of threats in your cloud environment.

Robusto cloud security solutions and managed services help build your capabilities and get the expertise you need.


Robusto has proven experience in managing cloud security solutions to help your organization:

  • Enforce company policy and protect data stored in the cloud, with an end-to-end cloud security strategy, and policy.

  • Maintain enterprise security when using cloud services. Detect unsanctioned cloud applications and cloud platform usage.

  • Detect, neutralize and eliminate malware and data leakage in cloud platforms.

  • Protect your critical enterprise data when it is stored and processed in cloud environments.

Manage identities

by overriding privileges, enforcing access controls, and joining identity stores.

Secure applications

by inserting strong security and top practices into processes. Secure your applications and protect your business with the most comprehensive, accurate and accessible application security solution that works with your processes.

Protect data

by determining where it is, who has access, and wherever it exists.