VOIP Phone Systems

Get the features you need. Only where you need them.

Connect a VoIP phone system to your internet. VoIP service gives your team more flexibility than you have with a standard phone system. With VoIP, your employees can take and make calls anywhere using their business numbers from their office phones, desktop computers, laptops, even from their personal smartphones.

For small businesses, VoIP phone services can offer many benefits over their traditional systems.

What are the advantages of VoIP?

  1. VoIP improves mobility for remote employees.

    One of the most common reasons small companies choose VoIP phones is that these businesses are extremely mobile—they tend to have remote teams, employees who might need to work from home, and reps who spend most of their time out in the field.

    VoIP phones are ideal because they allow employees to work from anywhere while still using their business phone numbers.

  2. VoIP makes businesses’ communication systems more flexible and accessible.

    Another major advantage of VoIP is that it gives businesses far more flexibility than traditional phone systems. VoIP offers flexibility and scalability when a business changes location or expands and opens new offices. With traditional analog phone services, developments such as these would require attaining and installing more wires and business phone hardware. With VoIP phone service, setting up a new office location is simple, and can all be managed in the cloud.

  3. VoIP’s any-device, anywhere communication services improve business productivity.

    Businesses find that a VoIP service helps boost company output significantly. Sales reps who need to be out in the field can spend their time meeting with prospects and clients without worrying about missing important phone calls because they’ll be able to take those calls from wherever they are.

  4. VoIP requires an internet connection.

    VoIP transmits voice calls (and other forms of communication, such as video and texts) via Internet Protocol. This means that for your VoIP phone service to function, you will need a reliable internet connection.